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Problem with a 3825.


I'm testing a Cisco 3825 Integrated Services Router, but it don't show any output when connecting a rollover cable in console port.

I set all available baud rate in my terminal program, but occurs the same problem again.

I need any solution to this problem.


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Amit Singh
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There could be only 3 problems:

1. Roll Over cable is bad: Please try changing the roll over cable. If you dont have one youc an try making your own. Please see the link below:

2.Terminal Emulation program is not working fine: Please try using some other terminal emulation program like teraterm and secure CRT and see if that works.

3. Console port is not working/responding on the router. If that's that case which moreover not likely to be, you need to get the box replaced.

I think the problem lies in either 1 or 2.Try working on poingts 1 and 2 and should solve your problem.

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

In addition to the suggestions made by Amit I have a couple of points to consider.

- when you change the speed in the terminal emulator did you stop and start the emulator? In some (especially Hyperterm) it is necessary to stop and start to pick up the new speed.

- when you are connected to the router console port if you power cycle the router do you see any output on your terminal device? Especially if you see output of garbage characters it is a sign that the console speed is incorrectly set.

- when you say all speeds, can you be specific about what speeds? did you go beyond the traditional 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600? The ISR routers get up to 115K console speed.

- if you want to verify your console cable and terminal emulator, can you connect to another router and it works ok?

- I have seen routers with this symptom which resulted from someone turning off exec on the console. Typically it was when someone wanted to stop the inactivity timer and typed no exec. Remember that no exec is NOT a good abreviation for no exec-timeout. Can you access the router by telnet or by the aux port? if so can you check the configuration of line con 0?






I'm using Tera Term, and used all baud rate available.

Have not any output via console port, but i don't tested yet telnet or aux.

I will test this possibilities, and give the feedback, thanks.

Thanks amit.

I'm using Tera Term and its ok. My rollover cable is ok too.

Maybe the console port can be bad, or the router is bad.

If exists any other possible problem, should like to receive more sugestions.

Thanks again.

Thanks by the answers... but the 3825 is down.

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