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Resolved! LANi support for VLANs

Currently have a Telco supplied LANi connection between two sites. I would like to add a VLAN to "extend" to the other location. Can I do this without involving the carrier?We are looking at an application requiring a hearbeat on the same broadcast...

jcowtan by Beginner
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Cisco IGESM Configuration

Guys,Can the IBM BladeCenter chassis be used to connect the blade servers to different subnets (different physical segments also)?? The specific config that I have is using the Cisco IGESM switches.Thanks guys.


I have a small question. I have 2 networks (1 & 2 ) connected to a router on interface fa0/1 and fa0/2 respectively. I would like to deny telnet access from network 1 to network 2. With the condition that interface fa0/1 is configured access-group ou...

VLAN security

In my data center, I have a need for multiple logical LANs - one to connect the routers on the private side of the firewall, one to connect the routers on the DMZ side of the firewall, one to connect the active and standby firewalls, etc. I have been...

mmalitsky by Beginner
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Basic Questions for just starting

I need to log into a few cisco switches.... the configs are already made by the network techs I need to know how to log into the switches and paste the configs he is going to give me... how do I do this using hyperterminal I need to know the Ip addr...

Resolved! DRAM slot usage on 1760 Voice router

I have a 1760 router with 96MB DRAM. Is there a way I can find out, without opening the router up, (1) how many slots there are for installing DRAM; and (2) which of the slots are occupied with DRAM and which are free?

slaterc by Beginner
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Cluster problems

HiMy problem is that I have one cluster in my network that dont respond to ping on the manage interface. All the vlans works. And I can see the mac addresses in the center router. I can ping within the cluster and the clustermaster can ping the route...

killroy by Beginner
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standard traffic flow in a network

HIwhen we work in a network then we face a problem overflow of trafic/packet .so If normal 100 user in a network work then how packet flow in a second ?.Like example normal condition in a router processor 30% and when it ups 50% or avobe then wrong ...

iqbalkhan by Beginner
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Cisco 4000 Router

I have a 4000 Router with two open bays to put Network Modules in. The one that I have in there now is the NP-1E ethernet modules. My question is, which modules can I use with the 4000 router? I am finding conflicting info on cisco.com and doing goo...

sevans1979 by Enthusiast
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Max speed support on serial 2503

Hi All,I have a router cisco 2503, I need to know what is Max. speed supported on serial interface? Presently we have 128KB leased line, and want to know weather I can upgrade the leased line to 256K with the same router ?THanks,A.S

calculate CDP trafic ??

fréquence=60 secondsframe size= 414 bytesdevices : *60 switchs *5 routers *4 core switchs * access serversplease i would like to know how to calculate the CDP's trafic in my network.thanks for your help.