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RTU License 3850 IP Base to IP service

hello everyone i am confuse about RTU license. i want to upgrade form IP Base to IP Service to use EIGRP.

I order the license L-3850-48-S-E but i read the documentation about the procedure to install the license but all documentation says "A permanent license can be moved from one device to another. To activate a license, you must reboot your switch" "Your switch is pre-installed with the image that you ordered. If an image was not pre-ordered, then the switch is booted with a LAN base image by default."

When cisco send the license i only need to use "license right-to-use activate ipservices acceptEULA" after that reload the switch and that its or i  need to upload anything like .pkg or .lic or another image to work the new license??

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jorge,

With the RTU license scheme you don't need to upload any .lic file to the switch anymore. As soon as you purchase the license you can go ahead and apply the command "license right-to-use activate ipservices acceptEULA", save the configuration and reload your 3850.



So Why to buy the upgrade license, if you say that just use the command and reload, how the switch now that can i use that license?

when i use the command "Show license right-to-use summary" the ipservice type "permanent" and the ipbase "permanent " but with usage duration.

so i need to use the command license right-to-use activate ipservices acceptEULA  on both switch reload and that its

Yes, you only need the command, save your configuration and reload.

"RTU is a trust-based licensing model designed to give customers the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or move the license for RMA purpose by using simple EXEC CLI commands."

Even that the license is not tied to a UDI or serial number, you still need to purchase the license as this a honor-based model.

Regarding the status of your license, currently IP Base is the only one in use and the duration value is just the time it has been used. You should not worry about it as a permanent license won't expire. 

Just another question and that its.

I want to implement EIGRP and i want to test first prior to buy the license, can i configure eigrp create neighbors etc.. just i need "license right-to-use activate ipservices acceptEULA" and after 2 week i only the to buy the licenses and i don't need to do nothing more.

The upgrade license is just to says that i buy the license and i have the paper or email for that license or when i need RMA.

Thanks a lot.

While we are talking about licensing i have same issue. Currently we are running Ipbase license and i am planning to run BGP so i need Ipservices, Do i need to buy Ipservice license or just need to activate on CLI?  

what this line means? 

1      ipservices     permanent    0 :0 :0                no    no

C3850#show license right-to-use usage
 Slot#  License Name     Type     usage-duration(y:m:d)  In-Use  EULA
 1      ipservices     permanent    0 :0 :0                no    no
 1      ipservices     evaluation   0 :0 :0                no    no
 1      ipbase         permanent    2 :0 :14               yes   yes
 1      ipbase         evaluation   0 :0 :0                no    no
 1      lanbase        permanent    0 :0 :0                no    no
 1      apcount        evaluation   0 :0 :0                no    no
 1      apcount        base         0 :0 :0                no    no
 1      apcount        adder        0 :0 :0                no    no

 Slot#  License Name     Type     usage-duration(y:m:d)  In-Use  EULA
 2      ipservices     permanent    0 :0 :0                no    no
 2      ipservices     evaluation   0 :0 :0                no    no
 2      ipbase         permanent    2 :0 :14               yes   yes
 2      ipbase         evaluation   0 :0 :0                no    no
 2      lanbase        permanent    0 :0 :0                no    no
 2      apcount        evaluation   0 :0 :0                no    no
 2      apcount        base         0 :0 :0                no    no
 2      apcount        adder        0 :0 :0                no    no


There are two main types of Cisco Catalyst 3850 license: permanent RTU license and evaluation RTU license.
A permanent RTU license is a paid license, with no expiration date. RTU CLI commands enable the switch license to be moved between different license levels.
An evaluation RTU license allows the customers to evaluate image-based and/or AP count license for 90 days at no cost.
An image-based license can be enabled by executing the following EXEC CLI, which activates the license level and also accepts the end-user license agreement (EULA).
CLI for permanent: license right-to-use activate lanbase | ipbase | ipservices <slot #> acceptEULA
CLI for evaluation: license right-to-use activate ipbase | ipservices evaluation <slot #> acceptEULA
An evaluation RTU license EULA expects that customers will purchase a permanent license within 90 days. After 90 days the evaluation license will not be valid. Warning syslog messages about the evaluation license expiry are generated 10 and 5 days before the 90-day window. Warning syslog messages are generated every day after the 90-day period. The expired evaluation license continues to function with the daily syslog messages until the switch is reloaded. The expired evaluation license cannot be reactivated after the reload.


Maybe You know how it L-C3850-48-L-S can be ordered via CCW? There is no such SKU available, I guess where should be enclosure for that?


Hi Simonas,


You will need to use top level part number L-C3850-RTU= to order the license.




Wilson Sy

Global Virtual Engineering

hello Julijime, 

i am trying to ask the responsible team in the company to buy the license but they are asking me about (auth request code) which i  don't understand why i will need it and how to get it? 

ALso for RTU license i need to understand how by buying the license and not uploaded it on the switch will give switch the permanent license 

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