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Script a "wr" command to many switches?

Andy White
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Level 3


Is there a tool to allow me to issue the "write" command on lots of switches rather than me access them all one by one as I have about 100 to access?


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kiwi cat tools can do batch configurations...cost money though...u can download a trial version that will let u do up to 10 switches/routers, i believe....ive used it great...

here the link...

I have this tool, but I don't want to upload configs, but just want to access the switch and do a "write" then exit, will that do this?

yeah, you tell what u want to do and it will do can sched it as well...give it a try...

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Level 7


Depending on what switches you are using you can do things like that with EEM and TCL scripts

I can not find a scenario where you want to do this other than you absolutely want to be sure that the configuration is saved.

You can use eem and tcl scripts to either time the wr so that it happens at a specific time fx 23:00 or at a specific event such as fx logging out, a hit on a specific row in an access-list and so on.

The EEM and TCL scripts makes many tasks possible that was not possible before.

Good luck

Hope This Helps

Steve Graham
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Level 1

Andy, I'm not sure by your question if you were looking for free software or simply software that does this.  Solarwinds NCM is a great tool for pushing scripts to network devices.  Very useful tool, however, it will take some investment to deploy, but with the modules available, it's a great investment to automate several operational tasks throughout your network environment.  Obviously it's not used for pushing scripts to your devices, it does a whole lot more than that.  You can get a 30 day free trial of the full version to see if it's something that would be beneficial to you.

Good luck!


Solarwinds NCM looks good, so it could be used to issue a write command only to multiple devices?


Absolutely!  Comes in handy when wanting to change configs on multiple devices in your environment, i.e. changing enable secret, updating snmp configs, etc.


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