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Stackwise Virtual switch from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps links


Hi all

I have a StackWise Virtual setup with two Cat 9500-24Y4C running 16.12.x, where the virtual link currently is built from 4x 10 Gbps links. I would like to switch this now to 100 Gbps links, ideally without any interruption. 

The guide says I can't mix different link speeds 

All the ports used for configuring a StackWise Virtual Link (SVL) must share the same speed. For example, you cannot configure a 10G or a 40G port to form an SVL, simultaneously.

I haven't yet tested the commands, as this is a production network and I don't have a lab to test this. 

Currently I think I would need to power off the second switch, remove the old "stackwise-virtual link 1" from the interfaces and then add it to the new ones and power up the second again? Would that work or will that kill the network because switch2 doesn't know it should use the 100 Gbps interfaces instead of the 10 Gbps ones and thus not form the stack?

Could I maybe create a second domain between the two and add the 100 Gbps links to that one? 


What would be the smoothest way to switch this?


Besides this, I currently don't have a Dual-active detection link between the two switches. If I add this, do I need to reload the whole stack, or would it be enough to first reload one switch, wait until it's running again and then reload the other one, so that I don't get an outage?




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Personally you do not need 100GB Links between switches, (only business like to waste money and 100GB ports on this).


if you really want to change this links, that is only way you see that mentioned turn off secondary device and reconfigure new ports and turn back to slave device back to form a Stackwise virtual. (make sure you do this in maintenance window)


Adding DAD link not rquired to reboot or any downtime required. you can add any time.


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