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Sup7e console connection - cant ping other subnets


Hello all,

I just migrated so,me 3560e switchports to a 4507R+E with a SUP7e running IOS-XE.  Everything works except pinging other subnets from the console connection.  This switch is trunked to a 6513 and is not doing any layer3.  There is one vlan used for mgmt of the switch which is a member of the trunked uplinks to the 6513.

When i try to ping the vlan address of my one vlan interface from the console it works.  When I try to ping any address that is part of the subnet defined for my one vlan interface it works.  If I try to ping any of the address space outside of my mgmt vlan it fails.  I have ip default gateway defined.  It points to 6513 address that is on my mgmt vlan.  Pretty standard in any other implementation but it doesnt work on this 4507 running IOS-XE.

Am I missing something here?

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Eugene Lau
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


It sounds like IP routing is enabled (default)

#sh ip route

If IP routing is enabled, the configured default gateway is not used and you would need to set a default route

#ip route


If IP routing is not desired - it can be disabled

#conf t

#no ip routing

It will disable any L3 routing features.



That was it. I'm used to IP routing being off by default. Thanks

VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

  My guess is that the 4500 has routing on  thus the default gateway command would not work and you would have to use a default static  route pointing to the gateway of the 4500 management vlan . Try using  x.x.x.x  where "x" is the gateway of the 4500 management address. Or you can try turning off routing and the default gateway command should work.

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