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Unable to connect to SVI

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Level 1

So running into a strange issue. I have multiple SVI's created on our switch due to one subnet being in our test environment and one being in our production environment. The test SVI has a subnet of and the production one has a IP of both being /24. I am attempting to connect to our web gui but running into a weird issue where I can't. My PC sits on the 10.10.2.x network. If I move to a different subnet (10.10.3.x) I can connect to it perfectly fine. If I am on the 10.10.2.x subnet I can ping the subnet but can't ping SVI. Is this due to me having a SVI from the network? This is the only reason I can think this is giving me issues. Any suggestions would help immensely 

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show ip int brief 
check the IP of each SVI are right enter 

show dhcp 
check the default-router you use under each DHCP Pool.