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VMWare Storage on Netapp, ISCSI using switch 3750.

Hello Friends. We have a situation.

Current Setup:-   VMware-->Cisco 3750-->>NetApp iscsi. Jumbo frames enabled mtu 9000 bytes. VMWare Storage Resides on NetApp Via ISCSI using switch 3750.

We would like to replace the cisco 3750 with Catalyst 3650. Exact same configuration. The issue we are running into is when we move our connections from (existing 3750) to new 3650, vmware gets stuck on refreshing the storage. The weird thing is we can ping everything from all devices, it's just the storage cannot be scanned and updated. That is the only reason I'm thinkin the Global MTU on new 3650 should be 9000 (same as existing 3750) or should it be set to max which is 9198 bytes. Any help/assistance would be appreciated.

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