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Cisco Meeting Server WebRTC login issue


I have  been trying to to operate the Cisco Meeting Server, but i facing an issue where after importing users i can login from teh Cisco Meetings App but my login fails (The username or password you entered is incorrect.) with the same credentials using the WebRTC web page . Any suggestions.



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I have solved it , the DNS server configuration was not there on the CMS server 

Thanks Bro !
Adding DNS information on CMS resolved the issue !

Hi Ahmed,

Since I am also facing the same issue. How you solved can I get the same solution to resolve.

In CMS where should give DNS.

xmpp server and client srv records created in Windows 2008 AD.

Kindly share the solution configuration.



maqsood ahmed
Level 1
Level 1

Dear Ahmed !

i just started with CMS 2.0.6 , can u help me in SRV records,, do we need  3  public IP's . 

pls check my SRV records ,,

Querytype       Name                               TTL          Class         Type                        Response
A          3600          IN                 A                    88.102.237.X
A                  3600          IN                 A                    88.102.237.X
A                     3600          IN                 A                    88.102.237.X
A            3600           IN                A          
A          3600   IN                A          
A           3600             IN                 A          
A           3600   IN                A           
A          3600         IN                A          

SRV Records:

SRV        3600     SRV      10 10 5222
SRV     3600    SRV       10 10 5269
SRV      3600 SRV         10 10
SRV 3600 SRV 10 10

what records should be in  ISP DNS and  in internal  DNS server ! 

thanks /  maqsood ahmed

only add


it's enough..

Mohammadreza Hadi

Level 1
Level 1

i had this problem too

the fix for me was this >>


i added DNS-SRV record for xmpp-client into DNS-Server


also, in CMS-Web-Admin panel, in general setting, then in webbridge section, i enter and checked this two options>>

Guest account client URL >> https://my-cms-full-fqdn-name/ >> for-exp::

Guest account JID domain >> my-domain >> for-exp::

then click on submit


Mohammadreza Hadi