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In my Company Directory, I have a Rooms section and an Individuals section.

In the Rooms section, there are three Room: entries.  These entries show a video address, a personal bridge address and a video number.

In the Individuals section, I see eight entries, ​three of which seem to be duplicates of the room entries, with the exception of they only display the personal bridge address.


I see an Add entry option, but not a delete one.  I would like to delete the three Individuals entries, or is there a reason I should keep those?
What are the differences between a video address, personal bridge address and a video number?






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Can you tell us more about your issue, especially what product(s) does this pertain to and software versions you're you using?  You haven't provided any useful information that will allow us to help you, we need more than a basic description, we need specifics.  Screenshots are very helpful to see the exact issue.

The question is not per my hardware, but is regarding the Cisco WebEx Telepresence management website.  When I log in I have Contacts, Call History, Account and Support options.  Under Contacts is where I am trying to manage the company directory.  That directory is displayed on my various C40 units.

With regard to the last question, I'm not sure how to reword that.  Sorry.​

If you're referring to Cisco WebEx TelePresece (aka Callway), it has it's own support section in the Small Business Support forums, see WebEx TelePresence.  If this is the product you're referring to, you can move your question there by clicking Edit at the top of your post and change the location.

Snapshots are not an option on a public forum like this. Thanks

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