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"No Incoming Video " message in Video Conferencing.

Ninad Thakare
Level 1
Level 1

Please help me out
I  have two locations, A and B which want to initiate a call to a test  site with public IP's. Site A is OK while calling from B site, i Get an  error " No incoming Video".

Steps which I follow are :
1. Call an Public IP.
2. Call gets connected.
3. Audio is fine
4. On screen there is a message " No Incoming Video"

I have kept following ports open on my Router, and their is not Firewall in between.
TCP : 1720, 5060 and 49152 to 65535
UDP : 2326 to 2500, 5555 to 5574 & 11000 to 20999
where as all IP,TCP & UDP is allowed to the Video Conferencing IP.

Note : 1. Video Conference call from Site A to B is working fine.

          2. If I try the same from the secondary ISP link skipping the router, the call gets connected successfully.

          3. Same ports are allowed on A site's router and its working fine.

Thanks in Advance.


Ninad Thakare

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