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Security risk system password not set

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I have a mx300 g2 it's not registered and I just want to use it for an extra monitor in our office. But there is a message ( security risk system password not set) that will not go away. Just wanted to know how if possible I can remove the message 

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What would you do, if someone tells you, that you don't have a password set? Isn't the message clear enough?
Per default, the user "admin" has no password. So login via Browser on the endpoint and set the password.

I have no experience with this kind of machine or computers...I ended up taking it to our IT guy at work and he'd did everything for me 

As it sounds like you’re an end user of the equipment wouldn’t checking with your internal IT have been your first choice of action before asking for help in a public community? At least if you’re not comfortable or capable of doing the work that other piers suggest to fix your problem.

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Wayne DeNardi
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VIP Alumni

The only way to remove the message is to set a password for the admin user on the unit.   

Log in to the web interface of the unit with the default userid of "admin", leaving the password blank.   Then set a new (non-blank) password.


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My issue is taken care of now...thank you