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Upgrading VCS and Expressway to 6.1

This should be a quick question.

I have new VCS pair that arrived with 6.0 installed.

I upgraded the VCS Controller to 6.1 without any problem.

When I started to upgrade the Expressway, it asked for the release key. 

Can I simply copy the Release key that I see when I connect to the box, or is there something else going on?

The upgrade on the internal VCS did not ask for a Release key.

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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hello Richard,

hmm, strange that both behave different. To be honest I do not recall that

I have seen an update dialog without the question for the upgrade key.

In general there is not much what you can harm at this point.

The software upgrade would stop without executing after a while when it finds a wrong release key.

If you already have a x6 running you should also be able to just leave the release key

field empty, but on the other hand it does not harm neither to copy paste the release

key as you suggested yourself.

Btw, log in via ssh/console before you start the upgrade, then you can see som status info during

the upgrade process in the terminal.

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