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About BE6S


Hi Expert,

I would like to know about BE6S.

1. Is it a CME router or only server or both.

2. I also want to know about the license issue for BE6S. Specifically if i choose BE6S-FXO-M2-K9 or BE6S-FXO-M2-XU what type of licenses needed for it.

Thanks in advance.



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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

BE6S is not CME, it runs CUCM and other applications as described here:

virtualized on the router UCS blade.

Since the BEK6S is a fixed configuration you purchase it with specific voice cards, such as PRI, FXO, etc. See if you can access the ordering guide here:

Hi Deren,

Thanks for your response.

Would you please clarify me, is there need any voice gateway router for outgoing and incoming calls if i select this model BE6S or it is configurable as a voice gateway router also. Please explain in details as many of us is not clear about BE6S.

Thanks again for your fast response.

The BE6KS is a solution running on top of 29XX router which is a voice GW. Depending on which one you order you get fixed number of voice trunks, such as PRI, BRI or FXO.

Cisco recently announced a new product BE4000 which is based on newer generation hardware (ISR 4K), might be worth comparing:

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