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Another "debug ccapi" question

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Level 1


I'm running debug ccapi non-call on our cubes.  I would assume based off documentation, this means options messages would be in the logs without all the invite/ack/bye etc you get from calls.  I'm tryin to monitor keepalives that stop working.

Logging level is debugging.  I see keepalives when I do debug ccapi messages but I don't want all the garbage from calls in my logs when I'm troubleshooting this.  Is this something like a message only shows up in logs from debug ccapi non-call if the keepalive fails?

This is really all there is in docs I've found from Cisco:

SIP Call flows

These debugs are the most commonly used for SIP call flows and they can be enabled inside CUBE and TDM Gateways with a SIP Leg between the Router and CUCM or any other SIP Server/Proxy.


Basic SIP Debugs

debug ccsip messages
debug ccsip error
debug ccsip non-call !Optional, applies for SIP OPTIONS and SIP REGISTER Messages.


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Scott Leport
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Level 7



I assume you meant to say "debug ccsip non-call"?


That's what the documentation says, but that's not my experience, specifically with the non-call debug. I am not seeing any SIP OPTIONS ping or REGISTER messages when enabling non-call. But when enabling ccsip messages, I see OPTIONS and REGISTER messages.

Tried it on an ISR4K and a CAT8000v both in the 17.X version of IOS and it's the exact same result for both.



hah yessir ccsip sorry.  I've been doing a lot of API scripting work lately so API is on the brain.


Thanks for having a look!  I appreciate it.