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Call forwarding to another extension then to voice mail is keeping the original extension


We have a number of extensions that need to be forwarded to a general number.  The issue is once they are forwarded then if the general number is not picked up they go to Unity, the issue is they are retaining the original extension and once they get to unity they are in the wrong voicemail box.


Example, person dials 2637 > no answer> forward to 3059 > no answer > go to voice mail > drops into 2637 mail box ( in this case the general voicemail since 2637 does not have a mail box).  We want it to go to the 3059 mail box.

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Enable the use last option.


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Might need a little more information on where this option is located?  Thanks

Unity Connection>Advanced Setting> Conversations >Check Mark “Use Last  Redirecting Number for Routing Incoming Call“










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This appears to be a system wide setting as opposed to a user setting.  We have some users that want calls routed to another user but still get the voice mail messages and some users that have the call routing to another user and want the other user to get the calls.  Can this be set for select users instead of system wide?


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