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Change calling number/external mask of CUTI Call

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NOTICE: I've reposted this question in a more appropriate spot:

I'm using the CUTI (Cisco Unity Connection Telephony Interface) API to make internal calls. I can successfully make calls and play uploaded Audio clips. I'm also using the AXL API to change a given extension's 'Forward All' so that I can call out. For example:

I have internal ext 1111 with its external masked being 123-456-7890. If I set 1111 to forward to 111-222-3333 then when I have CUTI call 1111, 111-222-3333 receives a call from an unknown source. If I call 111-222-3333 directly from 1111 (not using CUTI or forwarding) then 111-222-3333 sees 123-456-7890 as the caller ID. 

I see there being 2 potential solutions:

 1. I somehow assign the CUTI call its own ext and mask

 2. I set up our phone system so that it does not forward the original caller's caller ID, but the last used one.

I'd prefer solution 1 but will take solution 2 if need be. 

If it helps, checking the CDR of CUTI's calls shows its Call Number to be null. 

Thank you for any help.

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As this is related to use of an API I’d recommend you to post your question over on DevNet as that is a better suited place for this type of question.

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Thank you for the heads up. For anyone curious here is a link to my repost in the corrected spot:

I hope you are referring to Cisco Unity Connection Telephony Interface (CUTI)

I think the first option will be better, but I am not if it's doable. 

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