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Cisco Cius : Upgrade from Android 2.2 to 4.0



Does anyone have any update on Cisco Cius Upgrade to OS from Android 2.2 to 4.0. There are no updates available on Cisco site for the same?


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Ken Douglas

Ugh... probably not going to happen given yesterday's annoucement

I hope that Cisco will move many of the features to the iPad and other Android tablets.  We love the idea of being able to have our Cius tablets participate in a Cisco/Tandberg video call across WiFi.  It works well when we're talking to suppliers and have to show them the part in question while its still part of the machinery.  We also like being able to use it to make and receive calls, participate in Enterprise presence, and other features.  Jabber and WebEx on the iPad are good... lots of feature requests being made. 

The Cius isn't critical to the success of Cisco Unified / Collaboration efforts (Microsoft doesn't make PCs).


What about opening the CIUS to the open source community to get an Android 4.0 upgrade?  I have 30 that could possibly be useful with an upgrade.

Sorry to bump and old thread but I noticed my Cius on a shelf gathering dust the other day and it got me wondering, has anyone found anything useful to do with them or should I just accept that it needs to be binned!?


Didnt Cisco promise to update Cius to 4.0 ? Does anyone know when this would happen ? I know its a dead product, but people did buy it.

Yes, they did, back in 2012. But nothing happened. You can't even root that device (due to increased security AFAIK).



Bumping a really old thread here


Has there been any developments here on getting a newer OS for our old CIUS tablets?


I haven't found anything yet. Even the old developer resources that were promised would be helpful. When the debut happened, the classroom was a capability sold. I have four with docking stations and set up an asterisk RHEL server, the xmpp server as Openfire, and the freeradius as the authentication/certificate server. I would like to upgrade to 4.0 if possible due to the capabilities and supported development packages. 

Unfortunately I do not see CISCO even replying to these pages. I have two UMI's I bought new and tried to get them going just to find out that two days before they had discontinued them. So much for saving up for something cool. If cisco just had a device registration page attached to our login profiles, they could 1) Track what we bought and make suggestions for complementary devices/services. 2) Offer the old bin/firmware files when they are no longer supported/deleted from their inventory.

If you have any cool tricks or a way to at least update the web browser please let me know.

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