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Cisco Jabber and voicemail

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Hi there. Please see attached.  I have a Jabber user, CUCM and Unity integrated and authenticated. They can access the two messages you see in the PNG. They can make and receive calls and all is functioning correctly - except the following: the circled computer icon at the bottom denotes that they may only use the computer for dialling as that is what is selected - if they click 'Call Voicemail' link, this will not work - the call rings out busy, even though they can access the actual messages you see. I have enabled IMAP, etc in the Class of Service in Unity. 

Is this the default action? We're just setting Jabber. My client has a handset associated also; once the handset is used in Jabber to call voicemail, that link will work and the phone makes the connection. However, like the first client,  if I select 'Use my computer' in Call Settings (phone icon), it rings busy when I click the link? 

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Question: Can the user dial directly to the voicemail pilot (not via the messages or the 'Call Voicemail' link) on the Jabber client by dialing the digits of the voicemail pilot like a regular call? If not, this may be a CSS issue on the CSF device. This would explain the handset's successful call with the 'Call Voicemail' link.

The Call Voicemail link operates similarly to the Messages button on the handset. Can the handset successfully reach Unity Connection using the Messages button? I suspect so, but if not then there is something more here.

If the CSS on the CSF device and the handset are the same, and if the messages button on the handset works, then I'd have to see a trace file (with the user clicking the 'Call Voicemail' link) to examine the issue.


The user reach voice mail when using phone devices but not computer only. The CSF has the same CSS as the phone and device profile also. Voicemail is Default on the line...the line has the most forgiving CSS there is. Not sure how to trace this...


So you are saying that when the Jabber client dials the voicemail pilot number like a regular phone call it does not work, while that same call on the handset does work? (Or what is the combination there?) If that is the case, that is VERY interesting!

Let's look at the log file from Jabber first to see if there are clues. That's easier to get than the CallManager service trace file.

Create a Problem Report on the Jabber client. In the .zip file that is created there will be a log file for the Jabber client's activities, including call processing and INVITE messages and such. You can look in that to see what the problem might be. You can also post that or send it to me in a private message and we can take a look.


I think I may have sent you a private message Maren - not sure you received. I'll send on logs privately rather than post them here. 
Something is definitely up as when a Jabber caller calls and a user answers, the call goes to repeated beeps busy signal. I did not think that was the case!!! I'll hold off panicking for 5 mins...

Just to be sure, have you verified that the Jabber client can dial the voicemail pilot number? Ie not trying to use any of the built in buttons or functions in Jabber, but actually making a call by entering the number for the voicemail pilot in the dial pad in Jabber and then pressing dial/call.

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I think this may be a region relationship issue. If CUC is set to advertise only g711, and the Jabber region relationship with CUC is set to use g729, then the call would fail.

In order to test this, can you update Jabber to use the same device pool as the handset, then click the VM link in Jabber again? 


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Hi all. So - a bit of self discovery here. After reading about the codecs above, I began to look at the few Jabber devices I have set up in Call Manager (we have not yet rolled out Jabber for calling). A comparison of a new device and my existing devices showed a couple of differences  - which I obviously had been playing at.

The config at 'Use Trusted Relay Point', 'Always Use Prime Line' and 'Always Use Prime Line for Voice Message' were set to 'On'. This is incorrect obviously if there is no Primary Phone. I created a new device from scratch and copied that config and my devices can now see, call and answer each other. The voicemail link answers too. 

Now, the only issue I have is coming back in through a VPN, the Jabber caller can hear the internal phone answer and speak, but they can't hear me calling from outside. I reckon we're talking Firewall audio ports and I am taking a look at that. 


That is very likely a case of blocked traffic.

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As you and Roger pointed out, it is most likely a firewall issue. Make sure the UDP port range for your RTP traffic is not blocked inbound. 

Your UDP port range should be 16384-32766 unless you have changed it from the default settings.