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Client upgrading from Unity 7.0 to Unity Connection 9.X


I have a client that wants to upgrade from Unity 7.0 to Unity Connection 9.x but they are running Domino.   Can I integrate Unity Connection 9.X to Domino?  If yes, is there documentation that supports this?   Also what will be my limitation?   Thanks!

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David Hailey

Natively for Unified Messaging, no. However, you could potentially use IMAP (integrated messaging), explore the new Intelligent Notifications in 9.x, or look at a 3rd-party product from Donoma Software that can bridge the gap.


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As Hailey says, there is no server-side Domino feature in Unity Connection..

If you are feeling adventurous however, there is a UC Integration for IBM. This is made up of two things:

- a voicemail plugin

- a voice/video/presence plugin

Taken together this basically does all the stuff that Jabber does, but integrated to SameTime (or the SameTime version embedded into Notes if you have that). It leaves the messaging/presence (aside from 'phone presence') up to SameTime.


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If your client is running Sametime 8.5 within Notes and the goal is make voicemail available within the Notes client then I would second the recommendation of using Cisco's CUCI-IBM plug-in for Sametime.

Details are at:

With Unity Connection or Unity, CUCI-IBM displays voicemail and call history in the Notes sidebar. It lets you play messages, forward them via e-mail, mark them read and unread, and return calls directly. The connection to Unity Connection is via IMAP.

CUCI-IBM also has a bunch of call control features that work with CUCM. You can use pretty much all the same features as  Jabber desktop  but they are embedded within the Notes and Sametime client. You also  get click-to-call  from anywhere that a name or phone number appears in Notes or Sametime.  This feature set  includes video using CUCM 9.1, etc. My understanding  is that running  CUCI-IBM requires the same licensing as for Jabber.

There are a bunch of other options (forwarding, Donoma, etc.) but my experience is that these have significant drawbacks. BTW, if your client absolutely must have voicemails available on mobile devices then CUCI-IBM won't suffice on its own.

Rupert Clayton

IBM Collaboration Solutions Architect

San Francisco, CA


I was informed the other day that there is hope for us Domino users.  Check out the Release Notes for Cisco Unity Connection 9.0(1), page 11.


Accessing Voice Messages Using HTML (Intelligent) Notifications

HTML (Intelligent) Notifications are the mark-up notifications that are  delivered via SMTP. They enable both customization and direct message  access and control.

The HTML (Intelligent) notifications:

Empower  the users to customize message notifications, add company disclaimers,  or display company logos. They can make notifications match the company  culture, look, and feel.

Enable  the users and the administrators to provide a unified messaging  experience to their users without the need for Microsoft Exchange  integrations or incase of other email clients, such as Gmail or Domino,  the need to deploy 3rd party products or tools."

We will be hopefully running a pilot on this soon, before migrating all my users to it.

Hi Joe,

You are correct that using the HTML voicemail notifications and Mini Web Inbox available in Unity Connections 9 does provide another possible voicemail option for Domino environments. When a user receives a voicemail, they are sent an HTML notification e-mail that includes an embedded player to allow them to play the voicemail directly from the Unity Connection server, or redirect playback to a desktop phone.

The Quick Start Guide for Mini Inox is here:

This functionality could work well as an addition to the CUCI-IBM plug-in, providing an alternative means of interacting with voicemail for iNotes and Traveler users. I would be interested to see how your pilot goes, as we do have other customers considering this approach.

Rupert Clayton

IBM Collaboration Solutions Architect


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