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Create Unity Connection Cluster 7.1(5)


Hi to all,

We have CUCM 7.1.(5) cluster with one Unity Connection 7.1(5), and I want to create a Unity Connection Cluster with another server, can anyone help me?

Best regards,


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Sure but you need to ask a more specific question.

To get you started: Cluster Configuration and Administration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 7.x


What I mean is that I have a CUCM 7.1(5) cluster with one UC 7.1(5), the steps to make a Unity Connection cluster is to configure to configure the IP of the Subscriber in the UCPub and the install the new server with the DVD and then when ask about if is the first node says NO and write the IP of the Publisher?

Best regards,

Yes. The installation guide provides you detailed instructions on this process:

Also be aware that the version of the subscriber you are installing must match exactly to that of the publisher. If the publisher has been patched since the DVD-based install you will need to download and apply that same patch to the subscriber during the initial install. If the versions are not identical the subscriber will not join the cluster.

Rob Huffman
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Hi Alberto,

Just to add a note to the great tips from Jonathan (+5 Mr. "J")

Active Active Redundancy - Check out the Power point slides and Video

Hope this helps!


Rob to the rescue, +5

Thanks to all,

I have one more doubt.

The scenarie is One cluster CUCM 7.1.5 ( 1Pub-2Sub ) and one CUC 7.1.5 -- sccp integration. everything works fine.

Next wednesday we are going to create a cluster with a new server CUC 7.1.5.

The CUCM has 96 voice mail ports configured and Hunt Pilot - Hunt List - Line Group ( top down ) voice ports.

So we want the CUC 7.1.5 cluster active/active and firstable use the Secondary to take the calls and then the Primary so here my doubt:

Before install the new CUC server I have to create another 96 voice mail ports in the CUCM and then agregate them to the Line Group and because is Top down I have to put the new 96 voice ports firsts and then starts with the installation of the new CUC.

Best regards,


Actually the order of which you create the ports shouldn't be of issue if you install during off hours.  In the end, this is what you want (example naming conventions used):

Create ports for the Sub

Add them to SUB_LG (Sub Line group) - DO NOT ADD MWI PORTS TO THE LINE GROUP (You should generally reserve about 25% of ports for MWI and outdial only - this is done in CUC but must be respected in CUCM).

Add the Sub_LG to the VM_HL (Hunt List) in first priority

You can use the ports and port group configuration if you're happy with it for the Pub already.  Just make it secondary in the line group and DO NOT ADD MWI PORTS to the line group (same as Sub - CUC wants 100% redundancy between servers).

On CUC, you will need 2 integrations and you will add all of your Subscriber ports first that answer calls.  Then add your MWI ports.  Then do the same for the Publisher.  You should know the rest of the configuration from there.


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