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CUCM/CUC upgrade query

yun zhang
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Guys


I'm facing version upgrading of CUCM & CUC from 10.5 to 12.5  , also deployed IMP in this environment , shall I also have to upgrade d IMP to 12.5 ? or can keep running 10.5 ? 



Thanks in advance 



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You have to upgrade CUPS also. In earlier versions than 12 CUCM and CUPS version had to match 5 digits from the left and from version 12 it has to match 3 digits from the left.


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Andrew Skelly
Level 7
Level 7

Hello, Harvey.  Yes you will need to upgrade IM&P to 12.5 as well.  IM&P and CUCM versions must match.

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thanks Andrew

Do you have or found some official document for refer ?


Hello, Harvey.  Here is a link to the installation guide for 12.5(1).  Take a look at Chapter 1, page 6 "Platform Requirements" and "Supported Versions".

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