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CUCM outgoing calls showing extra digits

Danny Mainprize
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This has got to be something silly I did.  I recently had a bunch of work done by a third party to update our calling structure.  Somewhere along the way, when making outgoing calls, there is an extra 1 tacked onto the number.  For example:

My desk phone is 2223333 and my directory number in CUCM is \+17772223333 (777 being the area code).  If I call my cell phone, it shows up as +1 (1) (777) 222-3333.  Where did the extra 1 come from?  I am finding that a lot of outgoing calls goes directly to cellphone voicemails and I am guessing this is part of the reason why.  Anyone have an idea where I can find that transformation and remove the extra (1)?    This is on CUCM 12.5 if that makes any difference.

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There are a lot of different places that could be. It could be the calling party manipulation on the translation pattern or route pattern it is hitting, calling manipulation on the route detail (intersection of route group and route list), or calling party transformation on the outbound gateway/sip trunk. DNA (dialed number analyzer) may be able to help you determine where this is occurring.

DNA shows the correct digits being sent.  Both called and calling transformations are blank.  Everything is the default in the route list and groups.  I did just see in the sip trunk config there is a prefix of +1.  Could that be it?

Could be. Where do you see the "+1" prefix? A screen shot would be helpful. Again, there are a bunch of places where digit manipulation can occur.


This is under route groups, route group members, trunk configuration.

I understand there are lots of places.  That is what is frustrating me most I think.  So many places to look and I get lost in the sea of areas and sub areas and linked areas.

Have you looked at the trace file to see what is coming out of CUCM to your CUBE? It may be the CUBE that is adding the additional digit.

The trace file can also show you the digit manipulation as the call is processed by CUCM. If you need help reading the trace, you can post it here and we can look at it.


This screenshot is for inbound calls and from what you described earlier the call direction is outbound. So based by that’s it is not what cause the extra digit. What type of gateway are you using, SIP, H.322 or MGCP?

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VoIP Engineer
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Verify what you have listed as the external mask on your DN / Device.  You could be prefixing numbers on the route pattern that you are matching, or the hunt list.

I would start by seeing if this affects only your phone, or everyone.  Next, see if it happens when you dial out 10 digits vs 11 digits.

I finally found it.  Someone unchecked the "Use external mask" checkbox in the routing pattern.  Amazing that something so little could cause so much heartache.

That alone should not cause extra digits to be present in the calling number. Quite likely you have other called number modification(s) in further down the processing path for the call that doesn’t come into play when you modify on the route pattern.

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