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CUCM VM migration from one host to another Host

Hi Team,

We have two UCS server ( UCS-C220-M3S ) and  UCS-C240-M5 . Currently  We have all the CUCM VMs on VMware ESXI 5.1 host on  UCS-C220-M3S. We want to migrate all of them to new USC server (UCS-C240-M5)   on host ESXi 6.5.
How can this be achieved?
Note:- We don't have Vcenter server.
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You can take DRS backup of all the applications and build the applications newly (CUCM, Unity Connection etc) and restore the DRS backup. This needs to be planned well, say when deploying CUCM PUB on the new UCS, shutdown the PUB on the existing/old UCS etc. Do check the compatibility matrix for the ESXi.


This is one way of doing, other options being taking the copy of the VMs and deploying it in the new UCS. Not sure whether this is Cisco supported.


Let us wait for the opinions of others too.



Libin Benedict

Thanks but it is very lengthy solution. It will use it in last when all there solution wont work.

Hi Pasharma, 


you should check the UCM compatibility with ESXi 6.5,  Cisco UCM compatible from release 11.5. ensure that you are on right UCM version before you migrate the system. 

you can make use of PCD  to perform an upgrade and migrate to the new server. 




You can copy, likely export/import if you’re using DAS, the VM to a new host and then update VMware tools. If prompted by the vSphere client you moved the VM, not copied.
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