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enable License Reservation cucm 14

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Level 1

I installed cisco call manger 14. Eval period is over and I am trying to generate a license key and add it to software smart licensing.

I followed this for 12 but it the key It generated did not work:


Step 1. The device is not connected to the internet and is in the unregistered state.

Step 2. Use the CLI to enable the feature and get a License Reservation request code.

       admin:license smart reservation enable

       License reservation mode is enabled successfully.


       admin:license smart reservation request

       P:UCM,S:cc920,U:e53fc968-0253-4d61-a355-ba908a6cc920   -->   UDI

Step 3. Log into CSSM (Cisco cloud service) and enter the reservation code.                     

any ideas

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What error you see on CSSM, you might need a TAC support.

Response Signature

It just says the reservation request code you entered is not valid.  This is the code it generated (changed some of the numbers but this is what i put in smart license).

The doc for 12 does not spit out cb-pcisco and the key looks alot longer. 


Enable Specific License Reservation for CUCM Version 12.5 - Cisco

CB-PCisco Unity Connection, D1f045233f06948c5b52a34XXXX5, D2XXXXX66f0be48c5922b340XXXXX7248-AaAaZDRze-21

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