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Forwarding voicemail from one user to another


Hello everyone,

I have a voicemail issue I'm looking to get some direction on.  I'm running Unity Connection version: 9.1.2 and Call Manager 9.1.2 as well.  

I have two users, Susan and John.  Susan is accounts payable and John is the administrative assistant.  Each user has their own extension, and unity voicemail account that forwards to Exchange.  Susan is going on vacation and wants all her voicemails to be forwarded to John's email.  

I tried to enter John's email into the unity account for Susan, but gives an error that John already has an account.

I could forward her number to John but then callers expecting Susan or her voicemail would get John, causing confusion.

I could give John access to Susan's voicemail to call in but John is busy and not seeing voicemail as email will interrupt his workflow.

What is the cleanest way to accomplish this forward?

Thank you all.

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Slavik Bialik
Rising star
Rising star

It may be a trick, but it'll work OK.

Susan can configure a rule in here Outlook that every mail that she gets from, it'll throw it automatically to John. No UC settings required. ;)

I encountered the same issues like you, and I'm not sure that there's a clean way to accomplish it.

That would be the easiest method for sure! Unfortunately we have an issue right now where users are unable to forward voicemail's from email.  Appreciate the suggestion though.

Actually I have a great idea ;)

Because Susan went to a vacation, let's enable the 'Alternate' greeting for her voice mail box.

When you enable alternate greeting it is overriding all other greetings enabled.

But when you enable it, set the 'Enabled Until' date & time. That'll be the date & time when she gets back.

Also, in the field named 'User with Mailbox', select John's voice mail box, and select 'Go directly to Greetings'

I think it should work great.


Now that I think about it, it almost the same like setting up a call forward from Susan to John, because at the end callers will hear John's greeting.

Here's an example:

That's a great suggestion!  I ended up using the 'Alternative' greeting (has same options) because the Holiday greeting is only in effect when matching a global holiday schedule.  I tested the 'Go Directly to Greetings' option and unfortunately it actually plays John's message, which could confuse customers. 

Absent other suggestions I think I have the following options:

1. Record a new alternative greeting for Susan that lets callers know she is out and calls will be transferred to John automatically, where he can then answer the call or let it go to his VM.

2. Give John access to her account, add her number to his phone so he knows when to check the VM box.

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