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Incorrect Voice Mail Speech

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Dear ALL,


My Cisco Unity Connection Administration version is 11.5.1,  i changed the username in Cisco Unified CM Administration, then  i had updated the Display Name is Users page, but when i click the "recorded name" play button to listen the voice name speech, but still speak the old username.

Anyone can help?





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Sadav Ansari
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Rising star

Go to cucm administration page then username>end user search the user based on first name, last name or userid and change the name from there.


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I checked, the CUCM and CUCA are showing the same result.

Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

Recorded name will not change until you change the recording. 


Delete the recorded name and your display name will get used. 


You can use Unity Connection Bulk User Delete to remove the recorded name. 


Here is the flow for Unity. 


    1. If Cisco Unity Connection finds that there is a Recorded Name for a CUC user, that is used.


    1. If there is no Recorded Name for a CUC user  and if the Display Name is not empty, the Display Name is run through the TTS engine. If you do not want the Display Name to be played back, you need to delete the Display Name of the user.


      Note: There is also an Enhancement included in CUC  8.0, where you have an option Use Text To Speech to Read Display Names When No Recording Is Available under Advanced Settings > Conversation. You can uncheck this check box to if you want CUC to play the extension number instead of the Display name. This is checked by default with which Cisco Unity Connection uses Text to Speech to play user display names for users who do not have recorded names.


  1. If CUC finds that there is no Recorded Name, No Display Name, it will switch to the Extension Mode where it will read the Extension number."

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I can't find it, how to find the Recorded Name ? 

This is the recorded Name, which you uploaded or recorded. Remove that for display name to get effected.



Refer the flow which i mentioned in my initial reply.




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i tried to blank the display name, but i can still listen the old user name.



As I mentioned, you are using a recorded name. If you have recorded name, display name Will not be considered. Even if you remove the display name it has no effect.


display name filed and recorded name  are two different configuration  but used for same purpose.


Record the new recorded name using the phone or upload it from the unity option. 


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Can you tell me how  to delete the recorded name?

If I want to only reset the "recorderd name" to blank, which option i should selected it?


bulk user.png


Try only Delete Voice name.



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