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IPCC 8.5 - How to determine queue an agent answered?

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Level 1

I am designing a wallboard to monitor our queues and agents.  We have 4 different queues configured, and our agents answer the calls based on order received, and priority.

I need to know which IPCC table I need to query to know which queue our agents are currently talking to.  When an agent answers the phone, I need to be able to tell which queue the agent answered.  I'm sure this is possible, because we can see the data in the Cisco Supervisor Desktop.


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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

The only two tables that Cisco supports real-time (in actuality no more than a query every 10 seconds) queries of are the rtcsqssummary and rticdstatistics. These tables are only populated after you enable Real-Time Snapshot Config under the Tools menu (page 482). Additional details are here: Database Schema Guide for Cisco Unified CCX and Cisco Unified IP IVR, Release 8.5(1)

CSD gets data from an entirely different set of processes which do not read from db_cra so it's not a valid benchmark to compare against.

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Thank you.  Good info.