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Logging IM in Presence 8.x

I am checking on requirements for logging of IM/Chats within Presence 8.x.

The SRND indicates that I need an external database runnning to do the logging and compliance work.

Question: Can this database be on the Presence server itself in the case where we have a VM server and a single Presence server and fewer than 200 users?  The presence server was built 250 Gig Virtual Drives.

Thank you for you help in clarifying this.

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You need external DB to get this done. You can not use Presence server to log the IM messages. Also we do not support third party application on same UCS box where we have Cisco application running. So you need to run DB application on another hardware.

Other information.

By default, CUPC will log 99 lines of chat conversation which can be seen in the "View Conversation History" button to the right of the client name in CUPC.  These are stored in the CommunicationHistory.xml file located here:

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\ApplicationData\Cisco\Unified Communications\Client Services

Framework\Communication History

Windows 7

C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\ClientServices Framework\Communication History

If you want to log all chat history, then I would recommend the Instant Messaging Compliance Guide for Cisco Unified Presence in the link below. This will guide you to configuring a database that can log all your CUPC

chat history.



Ronak patel

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Hi Ronak,

I am looking through the .xml file of the local IM log but it doesn't appear to show the contents of the IM?

It just seems to display the participant details with no logging of the actual conversation....

"You can not use Presence server to log the IM messages"

IM& Presence version 11 still cannot log the IM messages to external database?

You can log the messages to an external DB since 8.x, the question was to avoid that, and use the same server as the logging server, which is not possible.



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Hi Jaime,


I've stumbled upon your answer while doing research on the subject.

My question? what can be saved on the external DB, is it just chat or also attachments and connections to other pc [connection made to pc 'name' at Timestamp during time period].


is there a list of recommended third party software/hardware for a project like this.




Ferry Bottenheft

Read here:


If you want transferred files to be saved, you'd need to configure MFT for that purpose.


Verba has a compliance product, you can search CSC or google for IMP compliance (or similar terms) and find related options.



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