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Multiple Versions of CCM and CUCM integrating with AD

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Hi, I talked to Jaime (Cisco tech) about integrating our multiple versions of CCM and CUCM with AD and he mentioned that since we have multiple versions there would be 2 different solutions.  One was the AD integration connector for CCM versions 4.1 and 4.3 and then the LDAP Server connection for our CUCM versions 6.1 and 7.1.  Both options viable options and workable.

I was asked to see if there was any possible way to have one solution work with our multiple versions and someone mentioned using an API called AXL.  They state that you can do custom programming of the API so that we can add and delete users in AD and have those changes reflected in CCM and CUCM using this API.  Is anyone familiar with this API and doing something similar with it?  I am not a programmer so I am not sure if this is a viable option or a wise option.


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CCM (Windows-based) and CUCM (Linux-based) have different different approaches on AD integration.

For CCM (Windows), CallManager creates a container (folder) in the AD and stores its configuration in it.

For CUCM (Linux), CalManager performs read-only action.

Those two methods are not interchangable.  So "Both options viable options and workable" is not quite accurate.

What do you mean by "have one solution work with our multiple versions"?



The desire was to have one solution that would work with the CM versions and the CUCM versions but reading what you say it sounds like that wouldn't be possible.  So does this mean that tapping into the AXL API is not a good idea to accomplish this?

It depends on what you trying to achieve.  The word "solution" is kind of vague.

If you just want to have AD users imported into CCM/CUCM, I don't see any disavantages of different "solutions".

What's your major concern of "different solutions"?


Sorry for the delay in responding.  The thought for having 1 way of synchronizing all versions was to cut down on having to do multiple implementations and multiple training of admins.  Since we have 10 sites affected the desire was to have 1 way to sync all 10 locations with AD.  It sounds like that is not a possibility.

Also have you heard of the AXL API that I mentioned?  A consultant states it would work however I do not have programming knowledge to concur and I wouldn't want to spend money on a solution that possibly wouldn't solve the issue.


If you want to cut down different implementations and trainings, you should upgrade all CCM boxes to CUCM.  They are based on different platforms (Windows and Linux).

It's kind of difficult to "unify" things on two different platforms?  Even if you could, you still have to do different trainings for CCM and CUCM.  The architecture is totally different.

Just my two cents.


The AXL API is documented here:


Louis thank you for the link it is helpful.  However I now have another question.  It listed CUCM version 4.1(2) etc as being able to use the API.  Is that version the same thing as CM 4.1(2) or something totally different?


Found my answer.  Thank you all again.

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