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Question: Function of IM&P certificates (cup, cup-xmpp)

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Hello cisco community,


I have a question regarding the functionof the IM&P certificates. Respectively the cup, cump-xmpp certificates. Could someone explain the use of these certificates.


Thank you.

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Thanks Chris. I read over that. Do you happen to know the function of the CUP and CUP-trust as of the reason that the information are missing. Moreover the ipsec notes only mention that it's being used if a ipsec policy has been set up. Doesn't it also affect the DRS mechanism?

Thank you.

That is a good question, and one that is poorly answered in documentation. From my own research, it looks like the CUP and CUP Trust are used only for Microsoft Integrations, and possibly Inter-cluster Peering. For most deployments, you wouldn't need to be concerned with them. I can confirm, quite embarrassingly, that my CUP cert is actually a few months expired, and yet, nothing stopped working; no warnings, nor errors in the clients or MRA.

Thank you for the input Anthony!
IPsec is also used for DRF in the IM&P environment correct?

Yes, that is my understanding too.