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Radomly have to resync Bandwidth

Hy guys out there!

i have got a strange Problem!

We are running CUCM 5.1(2.3127) and Netwise Attendant.

in a remote branch we translate a call to a CTI Route Point, which is registered on the cucm. The call in that moment ist drop from the Voice GW. When we direct call to a DN then it works.

The Workaround for us now is to resync bandwidth when the customer calls.

Is there any way the get notice when a Bandwith has to be resynced or is there any bug with the cucm


cheers Floh

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Ken Douglas
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Level 1

I would also like know if there is a way to monitor "location" bandwidth. We have a private fiber network running GigE between three locations. We've allocated 50 Mbps for voice calls (we're talking less than 1,000 phones here using G.711 codex). We run only about 40 Mbps of traffic even on a heavy day on any one segment and our delay is less than 1 ms (its a MAN).

Today, we got hit with an apparently "bandwidth leakage" issue (Cisco's term, not mine). The clue was when we used our IP phones to make certain calls, we got the message on the phone display "Not enough bandwidth" along with a reorder tone (fast busy).

Logging into Communications Manager (version 6.1(1)), navigating to Locations (and selecting the target locations) and clicking the Resync Bandwidth fixed the issue (at 12:25 PM during a business day!!).

Thanks for any answers!!

i'm not sure but i believe there is a counter for BW allocation on RTMT

you probably could use it to make sure the BW is correctly allocated and de-allocated.

doing a BW resync is not really a good idea because you might end up using more BW than the one allocated by QoS as CUCM will lose track of active calls for the calculation

were did you allocate the BW? using locations on CUCM or do you mean with QoS on routers? or both?



if this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate

"Bandwidth Leakage" is still an issue in 8.0(3). There is a Location RTMT Counter to prove that active calls erroneously increase over time, when they should drop to 0 during the night.

Is there a way to "resynchronize bandwidth" via script or any other automated fashion?

Help is greatly appreciated!


do we have a published bug on this issue