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Resource pool selection enhancement in UCCX 7.0


Good day. The issue is with our current CSQ setup and available resource pool selection criteria. Just for your record here is how its currently configured.

We have five languages based CSQ’s operating in our call centre and following is how they are currently configured.

  • I. English
    • Contains all agents in the call centre
    • Resource pool selection mode – Resource Group
    • Resource Selection Criteria – Circular

  • II. Italian / French / German / Spanish
    • Resource pool selection mode – Resource Skills
    • Resource Selection Criteria – Most Skilled
    • Minimum Competence Level - 5 for respective CSQ
    • Agents skill ratings are set currently in following manner

  • Italian Agents – Italian (10), German (5), French (5), Spanish (5)
  • French Agents – French (10), German (5), Italian (5), Spanish (5)
  • German Agents – German (10), French (5), Italian (5), Spanish (5)
  • Spanish Agents – Spanish (10), French (5), Italian (5), German (5)

Now , all non- English CSQ are setup based on “Resource Skills” and “ Most Skilled” algorithm being set as resource selection criteria. Which currently defaults to “ Longest Available” if two or more agents have equal competency level. Things are nice and smooth until calls routed to Longest Available agent and they go for shorter smoke or toilet breaks. Calls then get routed to the next longest available agent who in our case have already answered the previous call coming to same CSQ. So what’s happening here is, agents who doesn’t go for these shorter breaks get punished with more calls.

We don’t have this problem on English CSQ as we have different resource pool selection set in there. Which is Set as Resource group with “Circular” as resource selection criteria. This works fine because there’s no fall-back to “ Longest Available”. We have tried every other selection criteria but none works for us unfortunately. Raising this with you hoping you can advise different technique or guide us to the right path to re-design our non-English CSQs. Can you tell if we can create additional resource selection criteria other than the default ones? Can we add something like followings

  • •1. Lowest total talk time
  • •2. Least Handled contacts
  • •3. Circular ( like you can select when agents are in recourse group )

Also , is there a way to change the default selection criteria “ Longest Available” to something else. E.g. Shortest Average Handle Time or anything else.

Any help would be highly appriciated.



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Hey Guys, really sorry for the long post. Hope someone reads it and we find some help

If you're using skills-based routing it's going to work the way you've described it above: the most skilled agent who has been in the READY state the longest will be offered the next call. If you want to use Circular or Most Handled Contacts (Least Handled Contacts is not an option sadly) you must use a Resource Group on the CSQ instead of a Skill. The problem with that is that you can only assign an agent to one Resource Group.

Sorry but this is sort of an either/or decision. You can't mix the behaviors.

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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply. I completey got your point. Now one last thing just to clarify what you said already.

Is it possible to change default/fallback routing from "Longest Available" to something else. For example "Shortest Average Handle time"? Just curious if this can be achived through some scripting or modifying existing script in the system.

Our agents in the call centre keep complaining about people taking short smoke or toilet break can realy take advantage of this Longest Avaiulable rule.

Not that I'm aware of. The behavior of the skills-based routing uses longest available for intra-skill competency routing decisions. You could turn the problem on it's head and ask why some people are taking disproportionately more breaks than others. The tool seems to be masking a problem with the flock here.

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