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Single Number Reach and External Number Masks

Ken Douglas
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We have a call center where the managers are keenly interested in using Unified Mobility (single number reach) using their mobile phones as remote destinations.  Being a call center, every phone in the complex has the same external number mask (we want our customers to see only that public number, not the real DID of the agent calling them back).

Management, however, wants to see who is really calling so they can prioritize calls when they're out of the office.  While the single number reach is working great, the remote destinations (the managers mobile phones) are showing only the single public number, not the real DID or extension of the Cisco IP phone calling the manager's office.  Internal (Cisco IP phone to Cisco IP phone) sees the real calling extension (obviously). And I can remove (temporarily) the external number mask and see the real number on the remote destination mobile phone (so I know its really the external number mask and not the telco overriding this information).

Is there a way to keep the external number mask for all the call center phones but forward the calling phone's real extension for Unified Mobility?

We're using CUCM version 6.1(4).  Our PSTN connections are ISDN PRIs.



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Jose Mendez
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Ken, you may try the Calling Party Transform Mask field on the Route Pattern instead of using the line External Mask. Or, the same setting by going to the Route List in use, then clicking the Route Group(s) associated. The difference is the flexibility with which to configure each call. Let us know if that works.

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