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uc320w multi site deployment


I have 2 uc320w in seperate locations. Is there a way to be able to communicate between one another. Can a person from site a call a person from site b both using spa phones on a uc320w simply by dialing an extension? Would appreciate any help.

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James Hawkins

I have not configured one of these yet but from looking at the admin guide think that it should be possible to configure a SIP trunk on one UC320W pointing to the other and vice-versa.

Alternately many SIP providers offer free calls to other users on their network (and some have peering agreements with other providers offering free calls).

If you try this please post the results here.

Thanks for the reply. The one thing i'm confused about is, do I have to have different first digit extensions on each site? Site A with extension 1xx and Site B with extension 2xx or can they both be 1xx? Also as far as SIP settings go I know I put the ip address of the opposite uc320w and each uc320w but what would go under account id? Also would I need an authentication id and password for each uc320w or would I leave those fields clear? I would appreciate any help. Thanks


I have the same question to set up UC320W with two sites which are connected with site to site VPN.  I have site A with UC320W connected to PSTN, and site B with another UC320W connected to PSTN.  I want to make external calls via PSTN for each site, but make internal calls (dialing any extension numbers) between site A and site B.  If it is not possible, can I use one UC560 and one UC320W to make it possible?  If it is still not doable, can I add any other Cisco devices to make it possible? 


I have not tried it but, SIP trunking is supported in UC320W

Just point your trunk between both the UC320W and it may work.


Ronak Patel

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