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Unity Connection 8.6.2 -- single-inbox issue

Scott Jones
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Level 1

I've come across an interesting issue, and i'm wondering if anyone else here has run into something similar...with only a couple of users, the single-inbox email doesn't show up in their Inbox in Outlook or OWA...BUT--it does show up on their iPhone exchange account.  I'm going through logs with TAC, but nothing seems to be sticking out, and it's only a couple of users...I'm thinking it's something with Exchange, but thought i'd ask the question here just in case someone has come across it before and has an idea.

Thanks all


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Anas Abueideh
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Level 9


what is your exchange version ?



Bradley Gruesbeck
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Scott,

Please check if Outlook/Exchange has any rules moving those messages around. You can try closing outlook and create a test message, check the mailbox in OWA. You can also try changing the end users single inbox account to synch with a different mailbox in Exchange.

When new messages get delivered, do they end up in the deleted items folder?
Good luck,

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please go to user - edit -messsage actions - find the below and check again

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You ever get a resolution to this? 

We started having issues where some users would not be able to get their voice mail into their email inbox. We came to find out that all of the affected users were on Exchange Databases on the same Exchange server. If we move those databases over to the other Exchange server the users begin getting their Voice Mails again. When you move them back to the original Exchange server they quite recieving them. We would like to know what is causing this issue so we can resolve it for good, not just put a bandaid on it. We are using Unity Connection 8.6 and Exchange 2010 SP3.

Have permissions been assigned to all Exchange servers in your environment? What does the test button under UM account for the failed user tell you?

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Please rate useful posts.

Even though we had rebooted the server resetting the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service seems to have resolved the issue, at least for now.  Thanks.

What ended up fixing this the first time was just removing the user's email information, saving it, and putting it back in...started working after that.  Had it happen again the other day to a different person.  Had to delete their account in UCxn and re-create it, then it started working again...

Still not sure what is causing it though.