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Unity Connection Call handler goes to voicemail not extension


Hi Experts,

I have inherited a call manager with lots going on. However there is currently an issue I cant seem to find the cause:


Site has 1 DID that transfers to a call handler which allows the caller to transfer calls to an internal extension (non DID). Transferring a call to an extension works just fine( in user voicemail transfer rule is set to their extension in CUCM). However some sales guys have their cellphones in the CFA (in CUCM) since they are away and when a call is transferred to them it simply says "please wait while I transfer the call....beep beep beep Sorry USER is not available please leave message" meaning its going to voicemail.

PSTN > +1123 123 1234 > 2000 CUCM extension > 1900 Call handler >(caller input) 2021 (user ext) > (Call forward All) +1330 444 1113 (fake Number)

In CUCM all works fine users can call each other with CFA and it works fine but from CUC it seems to not go to the CUCM extension and from there to the external number?


Where should I be looking?


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Accepted Solutions

Is CUCM configured to use Local Route Groups for PSTN path selection? And if yes, does the Device Pool of the CUC SIP Trunk or VM Ports have an LRG selected?

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Is the call reaching the number 2021 in CUCM, when CFA is not activated?

Correct, if there is no CFA it works fine and the phone rings. CSS is also set on the CFA and other busy forwards.

What's your PSTN connection? Is it a SIP-Trunk? If yes, maybe you have a problem there?
Do you see the call reaching CUBE / VGW?
Have you check the CUCM logs?

PSTN is a SIP connection I can check if it reaches this stage. Just thought that if CUCM itself works fine ie 2020 can call 2021 with CFA and it calls fine and displays fine.

My first guess:
It probably reaches the SIP provider, but he then rejects the call.
A lot of providers validate the calls coming from the customer based on the calling number in the FROM header or in the PAI / PPI header, to check if the contained number belongs to PSTN number range associated with the SIP trunk. If this is not the case, the provider rejects the call.

In your scenario: If you call from external and ultimately reach back to an external party, then in the FROM is the external callers number.
But since there is the external number also in the PAI / PPI header, which it probably is because of your special scenario, then provider will reject the call.

So, the verify that:
Check the logs in RTMT and CUBE (debug ccsip messages should be enough for the start)

Hey Bwinter,

I just ran a test this site is in the US so they have a message for office closed (which is interesting because it says dial the extension to leave a message..)

So it is a little hard to do a test at the moment I did do a debug with direct calling and dialing the extension with the call forward all to see what it looks like hitting the gateway. all looks good. 

For all phones I have external number display of the main office DID which is allowed out by the telco. 

However I will have to wait for the offices to open to test and see if it reaches the gateway because the test while offices were closed it showed nothing..

Could it perhaps be that the after ours greeting is being used for the normal call handler as well??

Meaning all calls during office hours and out of office hours are being sent to the "CUC extension ie. voicemail box" instead of the CUCM?

On your test call:
I wouldn't say, that this is a valid test call, based on which you can be sure, that the call via Unity also has to work.
They are different scenarios. So, I'd say: What for it to be "open", make a test call and check the logs.

That depends on the settings in the call handler.
If the configured schedule assigned to the call handler says, it's out of office, then the transfer rule / greeting for "closed" are used (if the are configured).

Hi Bwinter,

I removed the time scheduler in the call handler in order to do the test and I get no call reaching the gateway. just seems to go straight to voicemail.

Also if I add 2020 which is another extension on CFA same thing happens goes to voicemail.

Ok. Do you see the call in CUCM RTMT? Just trying to narrow down the problem.

Is CUCM configured to use Local Route Groups for PSTN path selection? And if yes, does the Device Pool of the CUC SIP Trunk or VM Ports have an LRG selected?

Right on the money as usual Mr. Schulenberg, As part of this mess I need to clean up it seems the voice mail DP did not have a route group selected. I will now have to make sure that Path selection is properly configured as there are multiple US sites running from this call manager.

I now have the right place to work from thanks a million!

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