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Unity Connection – new tool in development for live message archive

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hey folks – started working on some prototypes for a new live mail archiver over the break.  It's a service that archives messages that arrive in Unity Connection 8.x and later as they come into the system.  Basically it’s build around an SMTP server library, database and some file encryption/archive items. It works as some 3rd party services do by configuring user mailboxes to “store and forward” voice messages such that one copy is stored in Connection and a copy is sent to the mail server and archived on the fly.  This is much nicer than a backup system that does "data extraction" type backups on a set schedule in that it's always up to date and offers options for much more sophisticated feature sets.

It’s not a complicated design, but there’s a lot of details and bits and pieces to it – As noted there are 3rd party services you can use today but they’re a bit expensive and can be a bear to setup. I’m exploring this as a free tool similar to others currently offered on

Items like traffic reports, restore of missing messages for individual mailboxes or entire deployments, message archive search, auto configuration of Connection setup for setting up store-and-forward settings etc… are all being considered.

I’m looking for some feedback on feature set, design, deployment and such and, of course, anyone wanting to beta test early versions is always welcome. If you’re interested in taking a look and being part of the design process IM me here or email me (Lindborg at cisco dot com).


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Level 1

Is this tool out? If so, what is the name of it? I'm looking for a tool that will automatically archive voicemail as they arrive for all users for a specified amount of time (for example, 5 years) because of legal hold requirements.

didn't get much feedback on this "live" message backup leveraging an SMTP server - it's fairly complex and requires setting up an email server to use and use store/forward settings for users to fly which caused a few sites stress.  That said I did generate a simple to use incremental backup CLI utility that can easily be run daily to backup messages for some/all users on servers easily:

I've had several sites start using it for the same type of scenario you're talking about.

Let me know if there's anything about it that might not be what you need.

I do not have issue backing up the VM. However archive manager GUI tool, do not show all  backed up messaged. 

I am now stuck, as i am not able to see all messages in GUI I am not able to retrieve them. 

More over if i go to folder where i backed up all VM, i can see back using cli is working fine.  Suspecting GUI not reading .db file correctly or else cli is not writing .db file correctly.

is there any way to find it out.  

Hey ,

It's a great tool to back up all you voice mails. However as I see in provided training video, you need to manually run this archive tool. Is there any way we can automate this. Like we have automated backup option available for CUCM or any other voice product.


I'd imagine you can get it done with a batch file and windows task scheduler.

Getting error 

[Backup messages for all users on server including deleted, non interactive]
MessageArchiverCli -c -l admin -p password -i false -a


not sure what wrong i did. 

getting this error while backing up VM.