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Unity Connection Users list in directory profile?

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Level 1

We have client whos uses UC for thier VM, some users have reported that they are not being found in name by dialing when the AA hits, Is there a way to find out which users are not listed in the directory instead of checking every users profile. I know you can bulk edit and select all users to be listed in the directory. But I really would like to know the users who aren't listed. Any help would be highly appreciated

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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame

Hi Sam,

There is a perfect tool for this type of report. We have used this during our rollout to search for the same info.

Don't forget that if a user does not have a "Recorded Name" they won't be found in the AA directory.

**I don't believe any of the "built-in" CUC Reports will show this info

Check the "List in Directory" and "Voice name Recorded";

Connection User Data Dump (CUDD) Tool

The Connection User Data Dump (CUDD) is a Windows-based remote database administration tool available on the Cisco Unity Tools website. CUDD allows you to export specific information about users to a file that can be viewed or imported into another application, such as a database utility or Microsoft Excel. When the data is exported, the tool automatically creates a header row that lists the data type found in each column of the output, for ease of import into other programs.

The tool is available from the "Superb" Unity Tools site;

From the Help Notes;

Requirements/Special Notes

This version of User Data Dump runs on Windows XP/2000/2003 or Vista.

***This version of User Data Dump only works with Unity Connection 7.0(1) or later.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Rob for the suggestions. I'll post the complete review once done.