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UCCX CAD Multiple Language Support

When installing UCCX 8.5 I am prompted with the option to choose the CAD/CSD Language Configuration.  This install is for a customer with offices in Quebec (French) and the rest of Canada (English).  It would appear that I can choose only one language and not both even though I can install multiple languages for the IVR prompts.

Am I to understand that even with the latest version of UCCX there is still no way to have the French users use a French version of the CAD application and the English users use an English version of the CAD application?

Or am I missing something?

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Re: UCCX CAD Multiple Language Support

As far as I know the previous versions of UCCX did not support multiple languages on the CAD application and was an issue for some clients.




UCCX CAD Multiple Language Support

Hi I have a simillar issue, did you ever manage to resolve?


UCCX CAD Multiple Language Support

Hi Steve,

I did find a workaround that is working for my customer.

As you may know after the UCCX install you are directed to run the "CAD Client Configuration.msi" file which can be downloaded from the UCCX server.  The program downloads the new installer files for CAD, CSD and Cisco Desktop Administrator and configures the IP address of the primary UCCX server based on your input. The program then appears to connect to the primary server to retrieve the backup server IP as well as the language of the server. The application then uploads the installer files preconfigured for the system with the IP’s and language. These installer files can be downloaded from the server via a URL for installation on client computers. These installer files are also pushed down to clients after an upgrade to the system if the version used by the client is an older version.

This is where the problem lies.  However there is another way to generate the client install files. 

There is also a program that comes with the UCCX installation media called “ConfigureMsi.exe” that allows a user to pre-configure the installer files. This application does not use the server to retrieve language or IP addresses. This information is manually configured by the user when running the application.

So what I did was (because my install base was primarily English) use the CAD Client Configuration tool to configure the clients as English.  Then I ran the ConfigureMsi.exe that is on the UCCX media (DVD) and generated another set of French language install files.

When the client (CAD, CSD, DA) connect ot the server they compare their versions (but not their languages).  So if you manually install the French computers with the French installation media you created  they will connect to UCCX and work.  If however a patch needs to be applied to the UCCX server then you need to ensure that you get the installation media and generate the updated French versions of the clients and manually push them out prior to the upgrade.  The reason for this is that if you apply a patch on the UCCX server and the French client (older version) connects to UCCX the UCCX server will push down the English version of the client.

I documented a process for them to follow when applying patches so that they upgraded their French clients first and then applied the patch to UCCX.  Of course the English clients detect they are on an older version and get pushed the new English client automatically as they would  with an English only install.

The only caveat to all of this was that the historical reporting client is not included in the “ConfigureMsi.exe” tool on the UCCX media.  It appears to be only available through the UCCX server and thus it was only available in English.

I'm sure you could probably install another copy of UCCX as French only and pull down the historical reporting application for the French users however this would be alot of work for just a single application and this process would have to be followed after every upgrade to the system.  With virtualized deployments these days it might be a bit easier.

This workaround is only for the client applications (excluding historical reporting).  I believe the CRAAdmin web site was still in english.  I deployed this solution over a year ago and cannot recall if the language setting of the browser/computer determiined the language you received in CRAAdmin.  It might but I unfortunately cannot confirm this.

In all the testing I performed it appeared as though the language for the client was all programmed into the client itself.  It seems odd that Cisco cannot allow you specify multiple languages to upload to the UCCX server and then do a language check as well as a version check when the client connects and dish out the appropriate version.



UCCX CAD Multiple Language Support

Many Thanks