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Unity Connection 7.1.3 - DR backup failing with messages selected

When I run a backup and include the messages, the backup fails.  Withouth selecting messages (database, etc.) the backup completes no problem.  I've got a TAC case open now, but I've spent the last few days with him trying to install different SFTP servers on a windows box to get this to work (he feels it's a problem with my SFTP server) -- but all my other stuff backs up fine (CUCM, etc.)

Does anyone have a recommendation for a windows SFTP client or any ideas why my messages backup keeps failing?  The size is large -- seems to fail at 1GB or 3.4GB --



Norm, yes i got one of our linux guys to setup cygwin as the sftp server and it works every

time including the messages, until then we just didnt backup messages.......see below:

Hi Martin,

As my voicemail please find below details. The contact at  Cisco TAC confirmed 20-30% success rate with FreeFTPd.

I have also included Cisco’s recommended SFTP  list.



CSCsm21349 Bug Details

DRS Direct Backup stuck for freeFTPd server when tar size  grow over 1GB



When we try to SFTP any file directly to the freeFTPD 1.0.11  SFTP server (taking a backup) we are getting stuck at a stage where the file  reached .99 GB size in the SFTP location. It never grows more than 1 GB. The  actual data to be backed up is over 20 GB.


The folder of more than 1 GB size is tarred (GNU tar 1.13.25)  to stdout. An output stream is created using a third party library, between  stdout and the SFTP server. The output of the tar command is directed to remote  server (freeFTPD). The JDK version used is 1.5.13 (The code is in java.). We are  performing here an uploading function.

The file transfer is initiated successfully and the file size  in this particular case is more than 1 GB. At the stage when the file size in  SFTP server has reached .99 GB, the transfer process is stuck. The file inside  the SFTP folder never goes above .99 GB (not size on disk). The whole process  works fine when the tarred file size is less than 1GB or the SFTP is a native  Linux one or Cygwin or OpenSSH. So basically the SFTP for data greater than 1 GB  fails only for freeFTPD server.


All other FTPD servers other than freeFTPd will work. Cigwin,  OpenSSH, native linux SFTP server all can be used instead of freeFTPd as a work  around.

Further Problem Description:

freeFTPd team has informed that this is a known issue.  FreeFTPd/OpenSSHd is no longer developed and is unsupported for DRF backups  now.

Cisco Recommended SFTP software:

System Requirements

To back up data to a remote device on the network, you must  have an SFTP server that is configured. Cisco allows you to use any SFTP server  product but recommends SFTP products that have been certified with Cisco through  the Cisco Technology Developer Partner program (CTDP). CTDP partners, such as  GlobalSCAPE, certify their products with specified version of Cisco Unity  Connection. For information on which vendors have certified their products with  your version of Cisco Unity Connection, refer to the following URL:

Cisco uses the following servers for internal testing. You  may use one of the servers, but you must contact the vendor for support:

•Open SSH (refer to

•Cygwin (refer to

•Titan (refer to

configuring cygwin below:

Hi Martin,

thanks for your reply, followed your advice and my issue is now resolved!

Will now avoid freebie sftp servers that promise you the world!

Really appreciate your help.



No problem Norm, glad you have it working ok get nothing in life for free eh?

Try out insructions in my post we are backing up all inc messages with no issues now


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