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Michael Meyer

Unity Connection Questions - Notifications moving from Exchange UM

Hi Guys

We are moving a customer from MS Exchange UM to Unity Connection. There are some existing features that the customer would like to keep. Are any of these capable in Unity Connection:

1. If a calling person hears the user's greeting and does not leave a message, then Unity Connection will raise an e-mail notification as a missed call with no attachement but also leave the Caller ID of the calling party?

2. When Unity Connection is integrated with Active Directory and an e-mail notification arrives. Can we add specific AD Fields as clickable URIs in the message body? i.e. Internal Extension, Mobile Number, Company Number etc.

We've noticed that MS Exchange UM performs these out of box and we'd like to replicate some of this in the Unity Connection notifications. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Unity Connection 9.1 and CUCM 9.1




Neither of these are currently possible. I have repeatidly asked the BU for the first one but no dice yet. I suggest making an issue out of it with the customer's AM/SE. A real customer with real dollars and a potential MS displacement is far more likely to get traction then a random partner engineer whining.

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The missed call notification is a valid request and I can see it getting on a dev schedule - not a wildly popular feature in Unity but one some sites did use.

#2 involves getting the directory syncher (not in Connection's control) updated to pull in various pieces of data and make it available to us to construct into URIs you can click on - schema changes and LDAP synch engine updates and such are a much higher bar to get over.  Not at all suprising that the folks that make AD and build their application directly on it have such things out of the box... Unity was integrated with AD directly (super user rights) and could access such properties much easier but then again it was an utter nightmare in many sites to get such rights and AD extensions etc... there's a reason we moved away from that design (not to mention MS made several spirited attempts to cut us off at the knees by changing rights/protocol interfaces/policies in ESes that would completely shut us down).  Had some advantages but they were greatly outweighed by the disadvantages I'm afraid...

We've found it a valuable feature. We usually see the same message format either as a missed call or with the attached VM. And since it includes additional fields from AD including internal/external/mobile numbers when a staff member receives the message it usually arrives on a smartphone too. They can then simply choose the number and it dial automatically to return the call. A most excellent feature,

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