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Continuous Beep sound on UCS c220


Hi Guys,

We just got a new UCS c220 server, we were deploying Esxi on it and all of a sudden it started alarming a beep sound and it is continuous, there are no logs generated either CIMC nor the led indications, what might be the possible reason, an inputs would be helpful, thnx in advance



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Daniel Laden


What CIMC and BIOS are on the system?  Were these updated since being received?  What is the beep pattern you are hearing?  What array controller is present in this C220.

Use the Host Upgrade Utility to upgrade to the latest firmware and bios for all components then run the following:

SSH to the CIMC IP address

scope chassis

power off <- THIS WILL POWER OFF THE SERVER so they need to make sure they have prepared for this.

scope firmware


Thank You,

Dan Laden

Cisco PDI Data Center

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As Dan stated, it might be an issue with your RAID. In the past, I have experienced similar beeping when there was an issue with the RAID group. Except for the LSI controller, I'm not aware of any other componentt that would continuously beep on the server during operation

Table 5-3 gives a translation between the beep intervals and potential issues.

If you can reboot and interogate the LSI OptionROM during POST, you may find what it is complaining about

Table 5-3     Summary of LSI MegaRAID Card Beep Codes

Beep Code

LSI Firmware State

Cause (Depending on RAID Level)

3 seconds on, 1 second off


RAID 0: One or more drives offline.

RAID 1: Two drives offline.

RAID 5: Two or more drives offline.

RAID 6: More than two drives offline.

1 second on, 1 second off


RAID 1: A mirrored drive failed.

RAID 5: One drive failed.

RAID 6: One or two drives failed.

1 second on, 3 seconds off


A hot spare drive has completed the rebuild process and has been brought into the array.

Hi Dan,

Thnx for your inputs, below are the details on the box

CIMC Firmware - 1.4(6c), bios - C220M3.1.4.6a.0, we are using LSI megaraid, the thing is that the CIMC console as well it is not popping up any kind of error, everything is shown as good status

The beep is on for some 2 to 3 seconds and off for another 2 secs



Curious. Was the software array controller enabled previously and a raid 5 built there?  Did the megaraid controller see this array?

I ran into a case today with the above scenario.  We updated to the latest firmware, we still had a 1 second on, 1 second off beep. All systems showed normal.  Array showed optimal.  Deleted and rebuild array and beep was gone.

You will want to protect anything on the array before deleteing the array.

Thank You,

Dan Laden

Cisco PDI Data Center

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