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Field notices - can't verify information using CIMC

Gregg Hughes

Good morning, all!

I subscribe to the C-series Rack Server notices and received FN-64073 yesterday.  This refers to a drive condition of very low usage and a resultant physical failure.  Even though my servers aren't under support I still need to know what vulnerabilities apply to my boxes.

The Field Notice says that they may be susceptible on an extended idle time or very low activity. Since these boxes aren't rebooted very often, and the primary activity is writing local logs, my drives may be affected.

The Field Notice directs me to a tab under the Inventory for Storage.  I only have a mirrored pair holding the VMware ESXi local image.  The drives are connected to the LSI 1064E Mezzanine Card - which has no information about the drives attached.

Is there another way to query the drive information non-intrusively?  

Thanks to all for looking!


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Wes Austin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hey Gregg,

If you pull a tech support file, in '/mnt/jffs2/storage-data', this will have all RAID controller info including model, vendor, SN, etc.



Hello, Wes!

I pulled the tech support from one of the servers.  The file has 0 bytes.

I'm going to check the other files in the package to see if they have the information I need.




It sounds like the RAID controller isn't currently able to communicate to those drives.

I would expect them to show up normally.

If you look at your sensors for the drives in the CIMC, does the CIMC at least know that they are present?

If you have the SN of the server and the drives were sold with it, I may be able to get the disk information for it as well. If you have that send it to Wes or I directly.

Hello, Ninikas!

How would I send directly?




Great to hear, glad that all worked out for you. =]

Good afternoon, Ninikas!

Coincidentally, one of the mirrored drives on a host malfunctioned and VMware threw the error.  I was able to work with this host and pull the bad hard drive.  It's a Fujitsu MBD2147RC - a 2 1/2 inch form factor.  This notice applies to 3-1/2 inch drives, so there's no application for this Field Notice.

Thanks very much for your help!


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