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No SAN Switch Logins

Tom MacDonald

I have the typical setup:

2 x 6248 Interconnects

2 x Brocade SAN Switches

EMC Storage

All cross connected for redundancy. However, I am not seeing any logins to the second SAN switch when I boot a blade. I looked at all the vSAN config's etc., and it looks good and was wondering if anoyne had any other ideas?


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My first suggestion would be is to make things one for one from the FI's to the Brocades. Makes things easier to troubleshoot and brings less complexity.

In my opinion it is overkill for redundancy, you have that at the array level. Unless you have a special reason for the bow-tie connection, go FI A to switch A and the same on the B side. Ensure your switches are in NPIV mode so wwpn can be passed through FI's and FC switches.

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When you are talking SAN and say "Cross Connected" for redundancy it kind of freaks me out.

Topology should be

FIA => BrocadeA

FIB => BrocadeB

BrocadeA and BrocadeB should Never cross paths.

You would have two vHBA's per Service Profile.

Would look like this:

vHBA_A => FIA => BrocadeA

vHBA_B => FIB => BrocadeB

The nameservers on each Brocade should only see the WWPN's for the vHBA's on their fabric.

BUT to maybe answer the question you actually asked, the vHBA template will assign either fabric A or B. That is why you need two vHBA's for a dual fabric. If you want to see logins on both switches make sure you create a vHBA_A and vHBA_B set to corresponding Fabric/FI.

See Below for example.


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Read again, I said what you said. DO NOT CROSS THE CABLES when going from fi to fabric switch, so you must have mis-read my comment. It is a one for one , fi a to San switch a and the same on the b side.

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