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Policy Backup & Export: exports a ".246" File



I am currently configuring our Cisco UCS via UCSM and would like to do it via "Policy Backup & Export".

When I do a manual backup, I choose a filename with .xml extension.

This works fine.

When I try to do it via "Policy Backup & Export" (lets say Bi-weekly), the backup and exports starts.

The filename gets a current timestamp, which is perfect, but the file extension is ".246".

I have never come across a file extension like this and I am doubting that this is a proper and importable backup file.

Can anyone confirm that this file is useful and the configuration works as aspected or how can I get it working?

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards 


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Evan Mickel
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

File types for Full State backups should be .bin, all other backup types should be .xml, .246 is not what I would expect to see there.

What protocol are you using to back this up to your remote location?  SFTP?   FTP?  TFTP?

Did you name the file in your backup policy?

I would suggest attempting the same automated action with FTP, my thought is that perhaps file integrity is an issue in this instance possibly due to the protocol in use.

Hello Evan

I tried using FTP and SCP. Issue is with all protocols the same.

When I do the backups manually and enter for example "filename.bin" for a full state backup, it works perfectly.

Same with Configuration backups and .xml.

When I try to configure a Bi Weekly export, with the same protocol, Hostname etc. no matter what I enter in "Remote File" the system always takes what I typed in and adds the current timestamp.

I figured out the file ending mentioned above was not the real file ending, it is the value behind the last . in the time stamp. So the .bin or .xml is missing at all.


Remote File: BU_Hostname_FS.bin



So the file ending is .246

So my question now is, what would you recommend to type into the "Remote File" field?

I will definitly need the Hostname and a time stamp in the file's name and the proper file ending.

But the system always adds his time stamp at the end of what I have entered.

Leaving the field blank didn't work, as it seems to be mandatory.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards


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