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QOS on Fabric Interconnect

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Level 1

Is it possible to apply multiple COS and bandwidth %'s to vNIC template on Fabric Interconnect?


Issue Description:

In UCS fabric the way we have planned our QOS is by classifying and marking on N1K and putting in respective QOS policy on Fabric Interconnect. The issue or rather what I don’t get is Fabric Interconnect has a concept of vNIC and you apply a specific classification which is COS and % of bandwidth to it. In this way each vNIC gets single COS and % of bandwidth.


VM are placed in port profiles and traffic goes north bound using vNIC, so if I have a Call manager assigned to port profile; with this QOS architecture all the traffic from it will be marked with COS as per marking on 1K but fabric interconnect will either rewrite COS or retain but all the traffic will follow single COS and bandwidth %. With this approach or QOS architecture we are mixing all kinds of traffic into single QOS policy , is this something that is considered ok in UCS world?

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Keny Perez
Level 8
Level 8

When you go to the vNIC template, you will see a drop down menu to select the priority you can assign to the vNIC so I dont think you can actually assign more than one...

In regards to the second part of your question... the concept is the same whether this UCS or a switch, let me put it like this.... I had a customer a while ago, who had priority set to 5 and MTU set to 9000 in the vNIC, but the storage array was sending the reply back to the server on priority 3 which had the priority set to 1500, so packets with the DF bit set where not going through...

Bottom line, IMHO, I think you better match priorities across the packet's path so that it does not get mixed... again, this my very humble opinion and I am not familiar with your network and/or requirements.




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