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The bitter importens on management and reporting on every system and solution


Hello folks,

I have had a real live setup where there was a coling problem.

all cooling went down and the user did not spend mony on survaling the tempeture.

The UCS chassis shut down automaticly when it was to hot and booted it self when there was cold enough.

FC is running trough FC links to N5K and FC Storrage the N5K N7K and 6509 whet down and need'ed a manualy boot up.

UCS was halted in a cant find OS partion because of the unified FC boot solution.

Everyting came up when booted alle the servers.

My question is there a switch or setting to control a reboot of the server if the server is haled and cant find Operation System partion.

Maybe a automaticly after a confgured time ?

Kind of like a error-diable config senario.

Off cause i know that is they had mangement and allerting configured this would not have been such a problem.

They would have controlled the cooling better and opening the racks or did a controlled shutdown so it was not so extreme conditions.

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Keny Perez


Did this happen for B series only, C-Series only or a cobination of both?


This is onlye B serie solution.

I have tried to do a Service Profile with no FC support to get the same error. (No OS Boot)

I saw that there was a bios watch dog timer where i could chose reset ( reboot ) of the server.

But in my case with my software with vmware 4.1 it just keep rebooting every 5 or 10 min i choose.

I have created a TAC SR case on it. for a fix or solution for not happening again. bacause this could happen not only because of missing cooling but also when doing a complete shutdown of a DC.

-Christian Hald