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UCS 2.0 to 2.1 Upgrade with Direct Attached Storage



I have a scenario where I will be upgrading a UCS environment from 2.0 to 2.1 utilizing direct attached FC storage on the Fabric Interconnects.  From my understanding on what I've read is that the default zoning will no longer work and some additional configuration for SAN policies will need to be created.

Has anyone performed a similar upgrade that can give me any pointers on the upgrade methodology and things to look out for?

Do I need to create a new VSAN on each FI or can I just use VSAN 1?


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Hello jjohnston,

Yes UCSM 2.1 support direct connect FC storage on the FIs.

Make sure UCSM2.o does not support that.

You need to first upgrade your UCSM version from 2.0 to 2.1.

Then You need to make your FC ports in FC Switch mode and create new VSANs. Ideally diff for both FIs.

Also once the direct connectivity is done,you need to do the zoning on the FIs itself.

Hope this helps!


Deepak Jha

Thanks.  The FI are already in FC switch mode and the deployment is currently working on 2.0.  While upgrading to 2.1 I guess I wanted to know if anyone had experience with setting up Storage Connection policies on a service profile template and applying them on the fly.  Does it require a reboot to apply a storage connection policy?

My thoughts are once I fail the subordinate FI to upgrade it that everything will still run off of the primary and I can fix the zoning on the subordinate. Once I see FLOGI and VMware hosts see the storage on the "B" path then I will do the same to the primary FI.

Make sense? Can anyone confirm if that will work as intended?

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