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UCSM Firmware clean-up.

beausoleil stephane

Good Morning,


    Lately we upgraded our UCSM farm to FW 3.2(2b). This work super great of course.  we notice a few new errors that puzzled us for a while "Disk usage for partition WHBP35464 bootflash exceeded 70% ", So we figured out that was caused by all the Firmwares we implanted during the last 3 years and that are still lingering in the boot partition, we can see them in Equipment/Firmware Management/Packages. 


So my questions are:

what can we get rid of safely?

old Catalogue files?

once implemented do we need to keep the Infrastructure Bundle?

B/C series if they are not used do we need them?


also is there a UCS central function or cleanup task for this...







Stephane Beausoleil

virtualisation architect

3 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

Wes Austin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Start by getting rid of old A (infrastructure) bundles. You are safe to delete any A bundles that you are not using. You may keep a stable older version in case for whatever reason to decide to roll back. Otherwise, no need to have multiple A bundles.


You can get rid of C-bundles if you do not have C-series. 


Otherwise, I would start by getting rid of the oldest packages first, provided they are no longer in use. If you accidentally delete a package that is in use, just be sure to re-upload it immediately. This will not cause an immediate reboot, however, you will get a lot of faults for missing images.


Good Luck.

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Correct, the latest catalog will contain all images from previous catalogs. These typically don't take up too much space, but definitely are safe to delete.

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